Address your Home with Style

Ceramica, Inc. has been engraving address stones and markers for over 30 years. We engrave on all types of natural hardscape materials, including clay bricks, concrete pavers, granite pavers, granite boulders, garden stones, and limestone slabs. Durable and functional, our address stones and markers are available in an assortment of sizes and styles, making it easy to add custom beauty and value to a home or business.

Our most popular address markers are made of natural Indiana limestone and are stocked in the following sizes: 5x16, 6x16, 8x16, and 9x16. Standard stone thickness is approximately 3 5/8 inches, with an optional thickness of between 1 1/2-2 inches thick depending on the size of the stone. Custom stone sizes are also available. 

Other customization options include decorative borders, outlined or "relief" numerals, bevelled edges, custom stain colors, and an additional sealant application for increased durability.

  • Sandblast engraved

  • Stained with masonry stain

  • Stocked and custom sizes available

  • Shipped within 48 hours via FedEx